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Контрольная работа для 5 класса по УМК М.З. Биболетовой
“Hello. Nice to see you again” I. Match. 1.take a) you 2. stay b) pictures 3.spend c) n Britain 4.miss d) lessons 5. go f) English 6. see g) holidays 7. speak e) shopping II. Choose the correct word. 1. You must wear your … at school. a) timetable b) uniform c)nickname d)subject 2. English is … language for us. a) bright b)foreign c)interesting d)bright 3) Usually boys give … to each other. a) uniform b) party c) nickname d)subject 4. « I am in the fifth … » said the girl. a) form b) subject c)party d)timetable 5. He … much money buying toys for his little son. a) Acted out b) started c) studied d) spent III. Put in the words: miss, spend, abroad, shopping, pictures, Maths. 1. Every summer I ________ my holidays in the country near a nice river. 2. I like to take ___________ of this river. 3. My friend went __________ last year. He is in France now. I ______him very much. 4. My mother likes to go_______. 5. You must not miss ______ lessons. IV. Make up sentences by putting adjective into the correct form. 1. David is ….. boy in the class. (old) 2. Autumn is ….. season of the year. (beautiful) 3. The road is….than the path. (long) 4. Drama is …… than Maths. (funny) 5. This cat is….. in the box. (big) 6. His work is ……..(good) 7. My school is….. than your school. (bright) V. Put in verbs in the correct form. 1. Last August I…..abroad. (go) 2. British students …..uniform every day.(wear) 3. I … English yesterday. (study) 4. The children .. English well soon. (speak) 5. In the evening he ….songs . (sing)
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